What is the problem?

Wakulla Springs, one of the largest freshwater springs in the world, experiences water quality and ecological issues related to excess nitrogen.  In 2018, the State of Florida updated the basin management action plan (BMAP) and determined the primary controllable source of excess nitrogen is from septic system effluent, which reaches the groundwater and flows to the Spring. 

diagram of a septic system

Approximately 31,500 septic systems exist within Leon County.  The majority of the septic systems that need to be addressed, either by upgrades to a performance-based system or by connecting to central sewer, are located outside the City limits within southern Leon county.  To find out more information on upgrading or connecting to central sewer please visit the links below.

For programs within the City Limits:

City of Tallahassee Sewer Program

For programs outside the City, within unincorporated Leon County:

County Septic to Sewer Projects Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan