TAPP (Think About Personal Pollution) Education:

  • Presentations to community, neighborhood and business groups
  • Television and radio PSAs
  • Rain Garden Grant Program
  • Rain barrel building workshops
  • Displays in garden centers, nurseries, local businesses and offices
  • Booths at community events and festivals
  • Articles in neighborhood and community group newsletters

Educational Materials


TAPP presentations are offered to all interested groups, no matter how large or small, at virtually any venue. TAPP personnel have presented indoors and outside, in living rooms, churches, government buildings, schools, offices, auditoriums, convention centers, and public parks. This element of the TAPP Campaign, personal interaction, is probably the most effective in reaching people and encouraging changes in the individual behaviors that have the potential to pollute waterways.

If you are interested in a TAPP presentation to your community or civic group, please contact Courtney Schoen at 891-6819 or Courtney.Schoen@talgov.com!